Week 1
Save My Place | Load My Place
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alejkhan 2nd Aug 2011, 10:02 AM edit delete
Beginning this as a mirror site for my comics. Lola is 600+ pages long, so it is going to take a while to get up to date! There will be large sets of multiple updates, for sure! This is all under construction, so bear with me.

Thanks for reading and commenting.
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Klaus TehKurios 2nd Aug 2011, 10:22 AM edit delete reply
Klaus TehKurios
yay! great comic. please keep this up to date once you're all caught up. I don't want to deal with THE DUCK more than I have to.
Abt_Nihil 2nd Aug 2011, 10:23 AM edit delete reply
Ah... hello hello!
We're in good company here.
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